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We know residential and commercial landscaping, and we'll get to know you, too.

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East End Landscape is a family owned and operated business that cares for every one of our clients.

We'll get to know you to adapt your favorite themes, colors, and even your personality into a new yard space. We work closely with our clients who share the same attention to detail we have.

Ditch your home's boring landscaping!

We'll design a landscape that adds curb appeal to your home or business.

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Ray Pennetti II


“East End landscape has been catering to clients for 4 Generation and look forward in serving many more! Helping provide a beautiful and stunning Landscape while bringing the beauty out of your investment is rewarding all by itself. Having the Honor to be raised up in our family Business and continuing to be a part of a client’s dreams and creation brings happiness to me and hopefully soon to you.”

Ray Pennetti III


“Constructing thoughts into reality, with my two hands, is the way I Love to express my passionate side for creativity. Our family has been in the Landscaping business for 4 generations and we have loved every second of it. Sculpting and carving our customers personality, lifestyle and dream into a beautiful masterpiece puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.”

Working with nature is a passion of mine. It brings me enjoyment when we can make somebody's dream into reality. A customers smile is key to a job well done.
Brandon Miller (Manager)