Use less water and less effort to keep your lawn looking green

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A well-manicured yard can add significant value to your home. Having a fully functional underground sprinkler system plays a major role in keeping up with your investment. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain it.

How to make it green:

There are a few reasons why your home's irrigation system may need some routine upkeep.

  • Proper water coverage: A lack of proper maintenance may result in a range of issues with your sprinkler system from dry spots on your lawn to potential water being wasted on areas where it’s not needed, like roads or driveways.
  • Yard protection: Your sprinkler heads may also become a tripping hazard if they are not regularly adjusted. Friend or family walking in your yard may easily trip on exposed sprinkler heads. Routine maintenance may help ensure that sprinkler heads are kept flush with the ground while not functioning.