You'll have a picture perfect lawn when we lay sod on your property

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Measuring and ordering sod

Make sure you pull out that tape measure and get an accurate amount of square foot before you place your order.

  • Start off by sketching the are that needs to be replaced, on graph paper, to keep your lines straight. Square off areas to make geometric shapes if your area is not a square yard. Pull out your measuring tape and gather our numbers.
  • After properly preparing the subsoil, calculate your square foot to place an order with your local farms. Make sure to minimize the sod’s sit time before install. This will play a factor in the recovery of your new yard.
  • The price of sod will varies for sq ft of pallet and type in which you require.

Preparing your yard for sod installation

  • Fluffen the soil with a rototiller to allow room for new roots to from.
  • Double check for all weeds, rocks, and all other objects that should be removed.
  • Putting an additive like a fertilizer and other types of organic matter will promote a healthier lawn.

Laying the sod

  1. Look for a good place to start like a straight sidewalk to start laying your new sod
  2. After laying the first piece, place additional sod next to your first piece while lining up undercuts with over cuts.
  3. Fitting sod around areas, needing to cut, use a sod knife and cut excess material away
  4. Keep soil moist and not allow sod from being dried out.
  5. Water new sod in for 30min - 1 hour after install.


Laying sod is half the battle, the other half is the aftercare.

  • Water your sod regularly each day for the first 30 days to avoid lost in moisture and to help the roots grow. After 30 day water grass 3 days a week for 2 more weeks and finally transition to twice a week.
  • Stay off of newly laid sod for a few weeks.
  • Pull up on the sod to see if roots have taken before you decide to mow the yard.
  • After 4 weeks of install start looking for a local fertilizing company to help keep you green new sod nice and green.
  • Follow these steps and you can install your own sod.

Sod installation tips

  • Remove all existing sod and grade subsoil even.
  • The graded soil should be 1 inch below the yard edge or sidewalk.
  • Choose the sod base soil closest to the original soil.
  • Kneel on a piece of plywood as you lay the sods. It will avoid roughing up of the already laid sod.
  • Use a knife to cut small holes in the sods to fit around sprinkler heads.